Managing Common Pool Groundwater Resources: An International Perspective

Managing Common Pool Groundwater Resources: An International Perspective

[Read free ebook] Managing Common Pool Groundwater Resources: An International Perspective

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The Article : Woldwide, developed and developing countries increasingly depend on groundwater resources for domestic water supply. Since groundwater is a hidden resource and individuals cannot see how much has been used and what is left, this book attempts to make global groundwater use more visible so that policy makers can make informed decisions as to its management. Organized into six geographical regions, the authors describe the various physical, cultural and institutional challenges of groundwater policy and management faced by countries worldwide. Analysis of the challenges and responses to groundwater management at the national level hopes to generate a broader understanding for societies across the globe.Each chapter provides the physical geography and demographics of the country, its water use, problems, law, politics and policy and future implications. Chapters on representative countries within North America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Australia and China and Africa provide a comprehensive perspective of groundwater issues internationally.